Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Ok so I will let you into a little ninja secret......I hate cake :O
Ok well obviously I love cake...what I mean is I don't actually like to eat cake :O

Ok Ok...dont shoot me down :)
||What I actually mean is my body really doesn't like cake, gluten, bread, pasta...oh the list is endless...i swell like a pregnant goat haha! So I love cake but it dont love me so I avoid most of the time......however one thing I don't really like and wouldn't care if there was a world shortage is......Chocolate! Yup! You see I am a savoury girl at heart...give me some cheesy biscuits and I will munch my way through the lot without blinking, but the brown ta!

So you see when I was asked to make this weeks cake, which not only involved chocolate...lots of chocolate, but also involved the one chocolate that actually makes me go was quite a challenge, and if there is one thing a ninja likes its a challenge!

This is the result!

It still makes me feel a little ewww if I am honest, especially when one lady asked if it actually ooozed the yellow goo! No it didn't but it was many layers of galaxy chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache, so I am pretty confident that the egg loving birthday girl will love this too :)

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