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So here I am! Tiddy to my crafty friends, Ninja to my cakey friends, or just plain old Andrea :)
I am a busy mum of five (yes yes i know i'm mad) and spent many years in the wedding industry, running our shop here in Wales up until a few years ago when recession and family commitments took over and we sadly had to close our doors.

Never one to sit about and forever driving my family mad with my crafting hobbies I fell in love with fimo (a type of modelling clay that is baked) and quickly it became a hobby that turned into a venture. I would make cake toppers and sell them on places like etsy and I was happy and keeping myself busy.

I'm not entirely sure how it came about but one day I just thought....'I wonder if I can do this with sugar?' so i tried! I purchased some fondant and had a try...with a debateable outcome but nevertheless it was fun. There was a problem though...now i needed a cake!

I searched for a decent recipe and whipped up my first creation....I wish I had a picture...actually no I don't, but suffice to say I was hooked!

Here it is! My first ever cake!

I was so impressed with myself I decided there and then that this was going to be my new job....and a great job it was.
 I had all my safety checks, registered with my local council and got myself a five star rating. All in the space of a matter of weeks!

I have met some lovely fellow cake makers that have kept me sane oh and this guy!

Tiddy meets PB!

Its been quite a journey and although I have sadly now hung up my apron I am forever crafting.
Part of the reason for this blog was to share my experiences with others and hopefully help with some humour as well as recipes and tutorials along the way :)

I hope you enjoy and will join me in my crafty adventures.
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Oh and one more thing....I love reading all the comments and emails I get from others that have tried a recipe/tutorial of mine. I also love getting pictures of your creations so please keep sending and sharing  :)

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