Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Modelling Chocolate Madness (with recipe)

Modelling Chocolate madness!

So this week I have discovered the joys of modelling chocolate, and when I say joy I mean I have finally mastered the perfect recipe. You see I tried this chocolate 'stuff' last year with disastrous results and being the stubborn mule that I am I gave up and walked away, thinking I really did not need to add it to my accomplishments. How wrong I was!

I decided to have another go and wanted the easiest...no fail...I could find. No heating this and that to certain temperatures, no substituting corn syrup for golden syrup. Something really simple, and I found it!

Now you will have to forgive me for no knowing exactly where I found it as I generally have a scrap of paper and jot down anything I need to 'keep safe' which just means I lose everything of course :)
It was the most basic recipe I had come across, with the easiest Instructions, so of course I went and purchased what I needed straight away and got going.

It was so easy that it was almost guaranteed to end in the same brick like disaster as before which when kneaded turned into a greasy chocolatey mess, but no. It came together beautifully and I lovingly wrapped it up and waited impatiently for it to set up.
An hour later I could wait no more and just had to unwrap it and see what it was like. It clearly was going to be good but I decided to be good and leave it overnight (like I was meant to).

The next day I almost went in the cake room in my pj's I was so eager to have a play!
The chocolate was lovely and smooth and now I had to decide what to do with it.....so after at least 20 seconds of thought I decided it would be the perfect time to try out the wax paper transfer method as well as the modelling chocolate. I had wanted to make a stripey cake for a while so it was the perfect chance to kill two birds.

This is the result!

As near perfect as it could be :)

I will do another post about the wax paper transfer method soon but for now here is the modelling chocolate recipe with tips.

300 gms of white choc or 300 gms of white candy melts (I used Asda cheap choc buttons and PME melts)

140ml of liquid glucose (I used Dr Oetker and one tube is 140ml)

1. Melt choc or melts in microwave for one min then stir. Continue in 30 second bursts until completely smooth and melted.

2. Cut the end of the tube and add glucose to chocolate. Stir slowly just until it starts to thicken (about 30 seconds) then pour onto clingfilm and wrap tightly. Dont be tempted to stir for longer.

Leave for at least two hours (overnight is best) then unwrap and knead well untill soft (will be hard ). Rewrap until needed.


If you find that the chocolate has tiny little lumps in do not despair. Just pop it back in the microwave for ten seconds and knead well and they will disappear. Rewrap and leave for an hour or two.

This can be coloured in the same way as fondant. Simply knead in until desired coloured is acheived then wrap.

Make sure any unused mc is wrapped tightly in clingfilm and stored in an airtight container.

Good luck :)

p.s. if like me you are a visual learner there is now a video added to the tutorialsection above!

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Home made fondant

I have decided to post this here as I have had lots of requests for the recipe for home made fondant.

I'm sure we all know how expensive it is to buy, even if like me you are getting it wholesale, so being able to make your own at half the price is a good reason on its own but the fact that it tastes super yummy too is the best reason!

This fondant is super robust too, no tearing or elephant skin here!

This is a recent cake of mine using nothing but homemade and you can see how smooth it is.

Ok so here is the recipe and the how to handle it best tips :)

900 grams icing sugar
450 grams marshmallows (I use asda cheap pink and white and split them)1 1/2 tablespoons of waterTrex or white fat of choice

1. Put the marshmallows and water into a bowl and microwave in 30 second blasts, stiring between until melted and smooth.

2. Add 1/4 of the icing sugar and stir in until incorporated then add half of the remaining sugar and repeat.

3. Rub a generous amount of trex onto your work surface (it really does help) and tip your mix onto it and give it a little knead.

4. Gradually add in the last of the icing sugar and knead well until smooth.

5. Rub a layer of trex over your ball of fondant and tightly wrap in clingfilm.

Leave it to rest overnight.


This fondant can be coloured in all the usual ways.
When needed unwrap and knead....dont worry if it feels quite stiff,its meant to.
Just pop in a bowl and microwave for a few SECONDS (ten is generally enough). It will soften up lovely :)
I roll mine with a little cornstarch but icing sugar works just as well.

For those that are visual learners like me, I have also made a little video tutoial :)