Saturday, 18 July 2015

Sweet Nora

Ok so we've all had one of those weeks right?
I came across this lovely little poem yesterday and, like many other cake decorators/sugar artists, thought it just about summed it up.

So with the kind permission of Amber Murphy Hughes from the lovely Sweet Nora's Bake shop I am sharing this with all of you that may be having 'one of those weeks'

Hello! Hello! Can you make this cake?
We saw it on Pinterest, looks easy to make.
I looked at the picture and what did I see?
A four tiered confection, staring at me.
All fondant & lovely, sugar flowers galore,
with scroll work & stencil from top to the floor.
"Sure I can help. When is it needed?"
"I need it tomorrow!" My customer pleaded.
With a roll of my eyes, I went all in,
"How many guests are expected?" She said, "Ten."
I gave her a price -which I thought quiet low.
She sent back a message that simply said, "Oh!"
"That's absurd! she said, "Why's it so much?
It's JUST A CAKE with fondant & such!"
She said, "My mother's friend's daughter is cake maker too."
I said, "Well give them a call! I'm not the baker for you!"

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