Saturday, 4 July 2015

Fast Flowers!

Ok so anyone that knows me knows I hate making flowers. Now don't get me wrong it's not like I can't make them, its just the whole process....cutters, foam pads, cornflower, glue, wires, and......drying time! Gahhh! Thats the worst thing ever, especially when your a ninja, which in essence just means i have absolutely no patience and like to get everything done as fast as is humanly possible :)

So this week i decided that I would have a play with the packet of wafer paper that has been sat in a drawer for months on end, waiting for a use. I can now say a) I am glad it was there and b) I have now found a use for it!
A quick google and an hour later and I had these

If you have never tried, or if like me you have the patience of a flea, then please give them a go. I don't think I will stop making sugar flowers but I can tell you that I will now be having a play with different flowers to see just what can and can't be done :)

A quick tutorial has been added in the tutorial section if you would like to see justhow easy it is :)

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