Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Game of Thrones

Game of what now?

Ok so I admit...I have never watched an episode! My 22 and 18 year old sons do though and they keep telling me I should....how good it is...how I will be hooked if I just watch one....

So I decided to do the next best thing...impress them with cake!
Now don't get me wrong, if I am in the cake room working and they pass by they will pop their heads in and say hello, and I may even ask them what they think about whatever creation I am working on at the time but despite my efforts all I ever get apart from the odd nod or grunt is..".thats nice"...or something similar.

So in a bid to actually get them to notice I thought what better way than to recreate the thing they love most. A Game of Thrones Cake that would get a reaction.....or if I was lucky two grunts and a smile :)

Having never watched even a trailer for it I had no option but to google! I soon discovered that the most impressive visual was the Iron Throne everyone wants so decided to go with that as a topper. It looked pretty impressive and I was sure my sons would think so too.

Five hours later.....this was the result!

Made using a mixture of gum paste and my homemade modelling chocolate (tutorial above)
Suffice to say I love my pasta machine very much! Oh and my sons reactions?...."Oooh thats pretty good that is...let me take a picture" and "very impressed mum"
My job here is done...well no its not because that's just the topper so watch this space as there very soon will be a cake that I am hoping will equally impress them!

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