Friday, 26 June 2015

Square eyes!

"I'd like to order a minecraft cake please"
Words that make quite a few cake makers/decorators shudder.
A labour of love for sure, spending hours cutting a sticking tiny sqares of fondant over a cake, mixing all the colours, going squared eyed looking at it :)

Not any more!
From my very first request I vowed to never again spend that much time doing the squares and decided to try and find a way to make it not only easier to do but to look better, because lets face it...its hard to line squares up, never mind stick them on perfectly straight!

So I tried several ideas and came up with this

Not one cut square!

I was so pleased to have finally mastered the cake we all dread to get an order for that I want to save all my cakey friends from the same square eyed fate.
So I have made a little how to video which is in the tutorial section above. It really is so easy to do I hope everyone has a go and agrees :)

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